Object-Oriented Design Heuristics. Arthur J. Riel

Object-Oriented Design Heuristics

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Object-Oriented Design Heuristics Arthur J. Riel
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

Role stereotypes can be thought of as role Information holder – an object designed to know certain information and provide that information to other objects. I'm guilty of some bad class design myself that came from too much 'noun extraction', the best designs come after a first look at the core problem to be solved independent of any object-oriented/functional/logical perspective. Jul 22, 2013 - My very similar perspective might put it in terms of : to the extent that I see the solution based on algorithms, FP; to the extent that I see heuristics, I think OO. Jan 25, 2014 - Lesson 2: Principles of Class Design This week you will learn about a set of design principles that reinforce and expand upon low-level design heuristics and tie those heuristics to underlying theory of object-oriented systems. Growing Object Oriented Software Growing Object-Oriented Software, “In this chapter, we want to show something of what we're trying to achieve when we design software, and how that looks in an object-oriented language; this is the “opinionated” part of our approach to software. May 31, 2011 - Role Stereotypes concern the ontology of an object within object-oriented design. To me, template method implies .. There's an appendix that is equally valuable where heuristics are cross referenced with where they were used. However, quite often you don't want a template method, and when you think you do, it is pretty important to follow basic design heuristics such as Herb Sutter's conditions for "Virtuality". This was an This uses certain heuristics so the Player is able // to play a simulated game. Practical to have a “pure” object-oriented language (even Java has allowed for something akin to top-level function with static methods and imports), successful functional languages (and programmers) have to compromise in order to accommodate its design ambitions and the pragmatic needs of daily coding. Jan 26, 2009 - This week, to address the OO Design section, I attempt an Object-Oriented implemention of the popular board game Monopoly.

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